Sep 2, 2006

temporary passage: Part 2

update for the doc i am working on--

am in punjab to continue shooting--and should go to kashmir briefly, then rajasthan--not sure if i will be able to make it back to pakistan but am trying to work that out, as of course, it is necessary.

yesterday visited a site that correlates to the harappan sites in pakistan (same time period)...4,000-2,000 years ago...part of indus river basin civ. it relates to the doc in that this particular site was the 1st to be excavated in this side of punjab after 1947---all the other excavated sites at the time, had fallen on the other side of the border (notably mohenjo-daro and harappa) with the partition. it would be utilized as a quick glimpse into the past that connects the two regions/countries.

the general idea behind the flow of the doc stems from the phrase Kissa Khawani---urdu for "street of storytellers". there will be an emphasis on camera movement (the partition was about massive movement, among other things--the largest migration of people in history). the storyteller idea is a conceptual take on the environment as a whole (how religion, myth, ritual, ancient ways dictate much of the structure of life here--i.e. the relevance of story/folktale/and in not so beguiling a fashion----gossip). the beauty in this is the bridge it creates between 'fact' and 'fiction'---the double-vision of interpretative story-telling which in turn layers our experience of daily perceptions, and thus, our recorded and oral history.

and given the steady influx over thousands of years of invasion, there are many stories that flow here in this part of the world.

finally read 'freedom at midnite'--which i am sure many may have thought it inspired me or something...but to my dismay it is very much a mills and boon version of such an event. though, in line with storytelling--it's apt.



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