Aug 14, 2008

SUMMER 2008 update on The Sky Below

Greetings to you wherever you are in this world... Since the wonderful seaside festival of Santa Barbara Intl Film Festival (known as "the Cannes of America"), my film and I have been to Greece to premiere at the prestigious documentary festival held in March every year at the seaside town of Thessaloniki (see pic below).

Incredible does not really describe the filmmaker's experience very well at this mediterranean festival. Honored is more like it. A devoted staff, beautiful setting and theatres, an enthusiastic audience comprised of people and press from all over the world, and the wonderful opportunity to visit ancient and historic nearby ruins. I also was fortunate to meet Chris Patmore of Film and Festival Magazine, UK.

From Greece, The Sky Below had its' Los Angeles premiere with the Indian Film Festival of LA (IFFLA). Christine Marouda and her staff (and volunteers) are taking 'the film festival' to another level. This was by far the best festival, in terms of overall experience and attention to detail, that I have had the honor of attending as a filmmaker.

The Sky Below has had a great run in festivals so far....with premieres in Thessaoloniki, New York, Los Angeles, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kathmandu, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Athens/ OH, Montana, Karachi, Lahore....with others upcoming this year.

A screening and reception was organized in Silicon Valley by the indefatigable and passionate Deepka Lalwani in conjunction with IBPW, SAAFA, and the India Intl Center of Milpitas, CA.

I've also finally set up a site to showcase my work: SARAH SINGH

Stay tuned....we've only just begun...


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